Sunday of Orthodoxy - 02/25/18

On Sunday, February 25th our church celebrated the Sunday of Orthodoxy.
The day began with Divine Liturgy celebrated by our parish priest, V. Rev. Fr. George Veselinovic.  Responses were eloquently sung by our St. Nicholas church choir as we began our first Sunday during Great Lent.  On this Sunday the church celebrates the restoration of our Holy Icons as proclaimed by the 7th Ecumenical council. As part of that celebration, we held a procession of icons around the church.  It was a joyous occasion as all of our children participated in carrying their icons and followed Fr. George in our procession along with all those in attendance today.
During Liturgy a 40-day parastos was held to remember the recent passing of Radovan "Pal"  Macesic.  May His Memory be Eternal!
After services, our Tammies provided a delicious meal of various soups and pogaca for all to enjoy.  Thank You Tammies!