Kolo Slava Luncheon - 10/29/17

On Sunday Oct. 29th our own St. Petka Circle of Serbian Sisters celebrated their patronal feast day with our own Very Reverend Father George Veselinovic together with our entire church community.
During the service, we commemorated all of the living members, for God to grant us all our petitions, and always remembering our deceased members that their memory be eternal.
The Circle served a sumptuous meal including roasted turkey prepared carefully and skillfully on our spits. Accompanying the meal with the usual side dishes.
A most glorious day of fellowship and love was enjoyed by all. A very special thank you goes to our church board president Dusan Evanovich together with the Kolo President Pamela Matejevic. Every church-school congregation recognizes the tireless work that the Kolo provides as they are the backbone of any healthy parish.
Lastly we would like to thank our dear Father and brother in Christ the Very Reverend Father Andrei Aleksejev from the OCA, for joining us in the celebration of this feast day. Through the prayers of our Venerable Mother Petka Paraskeva, Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us and save us.
God grant us many years!