Outreach Pot Luck Lunch - 09/10/17

On Sunday September 10th at the conclusion of Divine Liturgy, Very Rev. Fr. George Veselinovic served the service of the Invocation of the Holy Spirit for all of our children of St. Nicholas in Monroeville. All children and teachers were blessed with Holy Water initiating our church school year.  Following the service, the faithful gathered in the church hall where a gala lunch was organized and prepared by our wonderful St. Nicholas Outreach Committee and Men's Club Karadjordje. The parish community would like to extend a very big thank you to Mrs. Sava Saula and Mr. Stevan Popovich and all of their members for making such an amazing day possible for our children and parish. And a big thank you to all parishioners who graciously brought delicious meals to share. Our Outreach committee had fun games for our children and a pinata which when broken opened distributed candy followed by a coin toss for all our children to enjoy.  This wonderful event was a joyous occasion and a memorable one, as those present enjoyed the company of one another.