Saint Nicholas
Serbian Orthodox Church
Monroeville, Pennsylvania
Sunday of Orthodoxy Celebration
Pan-Orthodox Sunday of Orthodoxy

Pan-Orthodox Sunday of Orthodoxy - 02/25/18

Each year, our combined churches organize on this same day to celebrate the Sunday of Orthodoxy with parishioners and clergy from various canonical jurisdictions.  This year the celebration was held beginning at 4:30 pm at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church with the main celebrant and homilist that evening was our own Bishop of the Eastern American diocese, His Grace Irinej.  His Grace enlightened us all in attendance with his special Lenten sermon today.  Our own Fr. George was in attendance as well celebrating with all of the various clergy including His Eminence Metropolitan Savas of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese.   Metropolitan Savas also addressed the congregation this evening and eloquently introduced His Grace Bishop Irinej.   Following the vespers service, a delicious meal was served by the local parish philoptokos.

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Sunday of Orthodoxy - 02/25/18

On Sunday, February 25th our church celebrated the Sunday of Orthodoxy.
The day began with Divine Liturgy celebrated by our parish priest, V. Rev. Fr. George Veselinovic.  Responses were eloquently sung by our St. Nicholas church choir as we began our first Sunday during Great Lent.  On this Sunday the church celebrates the restoration of our Holy Icons as proclaimed by the 7th Ecumenical council. As part of that celebration, we held a procession of icons around the church.  It was a joyous occasion as all of our children participated in carrying their icons and followed Fr. George in our procession along with all those in attendance today.
During Liturgy a 40-day parastos was held to remember the recent passing of Radovan "Pal"  Macesic.  May His Memory be Eternal!
After services, our Tammies provided a delicious meal of various soups and pogaca for all to enjoy.  Thank You Tammies!

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St. Nicholas Church Choir and Tammie Slava Celebration

Saint Nicholas Slava Celebration - 12/17/17

On Sunday, December 17th our St. Nicholas Church Choir along with our St. Nicholas Tammies jointly celebrated their Slava honoring our Patron Saint Nicholas.  The day began with Divine Liturgy celebrated by our V. Rev. Fr. George Veselinovic.  At the conclusion of Liturgy, Father George blessed the Slavski Kolach for both the Choir and Tammies and Koljivo remembering all past Choir and Tammie members who fell asleep in the Lord.  Officers Krista Jovanovich and Alexis Janiga respectively representing the choir and tammies and a huge number of children participated with Father George in turning the Slavski Kolaches.  A delicious meal prepared by Elaine Vucelich, with the assistance of David and Alexis Janiga, Krista Jovanovich, Lori Bajich and Carla Williamson, was served immediately following Liturgy in our church hall.

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2017 Annual Assembly

2017 Annual Assembly - 12/10/17

On Sunday, December 10th our Church held its Annual Assembly.  A delicious luncheon was prepared by our Kolo Sisters immediately following Divine Liturgy along with a Bake Sale provided by our Outreach committee and our meeting began at 1:00 pm.
Our V. Rev. Fr. George Veselinovic began the meeting with a prayer for God's blessings for our meeting and remembrance of all past parishioners.  Presentations and reports were read by our Church Board and our organizations including the Men's Club Karageorge, our St. Nicholas Choir, our Tammies and our St. Petka Kolo.
Elections for our Church Board for 2018 were held and the Assembly elected the following as Officers:  Borislav Bajic, President;  Ian Prisuta, 1st V. President;  David Rajkovich, 2nd V. President;  Sondra Deaunovich, 3rd V. President;  Mark Stupar, Treasurer;  Natalia Petrulli, Secretary; and Jovi Jovanovich, Financial Secretary.
Our St. Nicholas Church looks forward to 2018 and welcomes our new Board and would like to Thank all those serving on the Board this year for their service to our Church.

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3rd Annual Outreach Committee Scrapbook Event

A Fabulous Fundraiser - 11/04/17

The 3rd Scrapbook Crop was held at St. Nicholas Church Social Hall on Saturday, November 4, 2017 from 9 AM-9 PM. There were fifty-nine registrants for the daylong event. Scrappers came from all over the Greater Pittsburgh area and as far as New Bethlehem, PA. For the uninitiated, a “crop” is a gathering of like-minded people who bring their photographs, memorabilia, embellishments, paper, and albums and create scrapbooks, cards, and boxes for the purpose of preserving and presenting family history.

This event has grown over the years - from 35 attendees to 63 this year!

The event was hosted by the Church’s Outreach Committee and volunteers who performed various tasks such as setting up the church hall for the event, shopping for supplies for meals, gathering donations both monetary and in the form of gift baskets and gift cards, cooking, baking, and clean-up. A breakfast buffet, lunch, and dinner were provided to the scrappers. During the event, a bake sale open to the public occurred simultaneously.

All proceeds from the fundraiser will be used towards the purchasing of the altar and icon stand coverings in the church.

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St. Petka Kolo Celebration 2017

Kolo Slava Luncheon - 10/29/17

On Sunday Oct. 29th our own St. Petka Circle of Serbian Sisters celebrated their patronal feast day with our own Very Reverend Father George Veselinovic together with our entire church community.
During the service, we commemorated all of the living members, for God to grant us all our petitions, and always remembering our deceased members that their memory be eternal.
The Circle served a sumptuous meal including roasted turkey prepared carefully and skillfully on our spits. Accompanying the meal with the usual side dishes.
A most glorious day of fellowship and love was enjoyed by all. A very special thank you goes to our church board president Dusan Evanovich together with the Kolo President Pamela Matejevic. Every church-school congregation recognizes the tireless work that the Kolo provides as they are the backbone of any healthy parish.
Lastly we would like to thank our dear Father and brother in Christ the Very Reverend Father Andrei Aleksejev from the OCA, for joining us in the celebration of this feast day. Through the prayers of our Venerable Mother Petka Paraskeva, Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us and save us.
God grant us many years!

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Sunday School Field Trip

Triple B Farms field trip - 10/22/17

On Sunday, October 22, 2017, 31 students and 21 adults enjoyed a unseasonably warm afternoon at the pumpkin patch.  A variety of fun activities kept everyone busy - petting zoo, hayride, apple picking, slides, corn maze, bounce house, delicious snacks and lots of pumpkins!

We would like to thank the Men's Club for their generous sponsorship of this event!

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Czech and Slovak Friendship Picnic

A beautiful day for a picnic - 10/15/17

On Sunday, October 15th, St Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church in Monroeville opened our hall and hearts to our brothers and sisters from our local Czech and Slovak communities.  A host of traditional Serbian, Czech and Slovak foods and pastries were enjoyed by all in attendance.  Our own Alice Zdrale, from the Czech Republic herself, and the entire Zdrale family, served as friendship ambassadors to get the message out to the community.  The crowd was wowed by performances from our St. Nicholas Tamburitzans and songs from the children who attend Pittsburgh Czech school.  Thank you to everyone's hard work and efforts in making this a successful picnic. 

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“Gemo" Celebrates 100 Years

Srećan rođendan! - 10/01/17

On Sunday, October 1, 2017, St. Nicholas honored our special parishioner - Milan "Gemo" Drakulic Sr. - who was celebrating his 100th birthday.  His family prepared a beautiful meal for the entire parish.  Special presentations were made by Mr. Dane Medich, Vice President of the SNF for Milan's many years of dedicated service to Lodge #82 Young American Serbs of Trafford and our culture.  A special citation was read and presented to Milan by Mr. James Banda on behalf of Congressman Mike Doyle, US House of Representatives, and Fr. George read and presented Milan a similar citation from PA State Senator, Jim Brewster.  What a lovely life Gemo has led!  May he be a shining example to all of us.  God Bless You and Mnogaja Ljeta!

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Invocation of the Holy Spirit for the Beginning of our Church School Year

Outreach Pot Luck Lunch - 09/10/17

On Sunday September 10th at the conclusion of Divine Liturgy, Very Rev. Fr. George Veselinovic served the service of the Invocation of the Holy Spirit for all of our children of St. Nicholas in Monroeville. All children and teachers were blessed with Holy Water initiating our church school year.  Following the service, the faithful gathered in the church hall where a gala lunch was organized and prepared by our wonderful St. Nicholas Outreach Committee and Men's Club Karadjordje. The parish community would like to extend a very big thank you to Mrs. Sava Saula and Mr. Stevan Popovich and all of their members for making such an amazing day possible for our children and parish. And a big thank you to all parishioners who graciously brought delicious meals to share. Our Outreach committee had fun games for our children and a pinata which when broken opened distributed candy followed by a coin toss for all our children to enjoy.  This wonderful event was a joyous occasion and a memorable one, as those present enjoyed the company of one another.

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Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary

On Monday August 8th His Grace Bishop Irinej presided over Holy Hierarchical Divine Liturgy for the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary. Luncheon which followed was hosted by our Kolo for the Federation Circle of Serbian Sisters' Slava.

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St.Nicholas Summer Church Camp

Summer Camp - 07/26/17

July 25th, 26th and 27th marked the 2017 summer church camp week. It was a fun and memorable event for 39 student campers and many adult volunteers. You can read all about the week’s activities, including the field trip to Idlewild Park, in this story (click) in addition to enjoying the posted pictures here.

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Happy Birthday Alexa!

On Sunday July 9th our parish family jointly celebrated Alexa's 3rd birthday in our social hall after Divine Liturgy. Happy Birthday Alexa!

Official Welcome

On Sunday June 25th, our St Petka kolo hosted an official welcome for our new parish priest V. Rev Father George Veselinovich, Protinica Karen and their daughter Alexa. A large table of delicious posno appetizers and desserts awaited the parish family and congregation after Liturgy. Pamela Matejevich, Kolo President, welcomed those in attendance and thanked both the Kolo Sisters and the St. Nicholas Outreach Committee jointly for making the day a success with fine food and decorations. Protinica Karen then spoke to those gathered saying thank you to the parish for their hospitality and warm welcome!

Again, welcome Father George, Protinica Karen, and Alexa. Congratulations! We are so thankful you are with us at St. Nicholas. 

St. Nicholas Slava Celebration

Transfer of the Relics - 05/21/17

This past Sunday we celebrated our Church’s Slava one day before the Transfer of the Relics of St. Nicholas.

Honored Kumovi this year were the deserving Steven and Patricia Popovich (and daughter Natalia and husband Leo). Our V. Rev Father George Veselinovich led the congregation around the church for Gospel readings and prayers at each point of the cross. Before the banquet our Kumovi helped Father George turn the Slavski Kolach (baked by Natalia) in the church.

Photos credited by Patrick Collins

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Kneeling Prayers of Pentecost Sunday - 06/04/17

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Serbian Royalty Visits Johnstown, PA

His Grace Bishop Irinej and our parish preist V. Rev Father George Veselinovich, along with our very own St. Nicholas Tamburitzans, joined the Crown Prince Alexander & Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia as they paid a visit to Johnstown PA on Thrursday evening April 20th.

This first stop was for a special fundraising event at the Pasquerilla Conference Center: A Night In Serbia. The Royal Couple is traveling around the U.S. to raise money for the Lifeline Humanitarian Organization, which helps orphans, the elderly and other people struggling with poverty in Serbia.


Midnight Easter Matins - 04/16/17

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Easter Sunday Divine Liturgy - 04/16/17

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Holy Week
Holy Friday

Vespers & Burial Procession - 04/14/17

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Passion Gospel Readings
Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday - 04/09/17

Palm Sunday falls one week before Pascha on April 9th during this year's Orthodox Calendar. It is the celebration of the day Jesus Christ entered into Jerusalem in the days before the Jewish Passover and His Crucifixion. He was received by palms & flowers while riding on the back of a donkey. There are no palms in Serbia so the Serbian tradition is to bless Pussy Willows and Daffodils for the congregation as seen here by our V. Rev Fr. George Veselinovich.

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Lazarus Saturday

Vrbica - 04/08/17

The feast of Vrbica (Врбица) or Lazareva Subota was commemorated by our children and faithful during the evening of St. Lazarus - the day before Palm Sunday. V. Rev Fr. George Veselinovich blessed Pussy Willow branches after a symbolic procession of all who attended around the church.

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Posno Vecera

4th Sunday of Great Lent - 03/26/17

On the 4th Sunday of Lent, our parish hosted an evening full of prayer and fellowship.

With well over 100 in attendance that evening, the clergy and faithful gathered for this solemn evening of prayer culminating with the metanias to the Prayer of St. Ephraim being enriched by the responses of our own St. Nicholas choir.   Following the dismissal, all in attendance gathered for a wonderful meal in the parish hall provided by our Kolo Sisters.

Our Lenten speaker this evening was Very Rev. Protopresbyter Rumen Stojcev , who offered an insight into the valuable meaning of fasting in our Church and its meaning and benefits both within and out of our Lenten seasons.  A question and answer period followed this delightful message.

In addition to the faithful present, there were 5 clergy present with us this evening.  Very Rev. Protopresbyter Dragoljub Malich(retired), Very Rev. Protopresbyter Rajko Kosic, Rev. Dragan Zaric and our Host Pastor Very Rev. Protopresbyter George Veselinovich.


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Third Sunday of Great Lent

Veneration of the Holy Cross - 03/19/17

The third Sunday of Great Lent marks the Veneration of the Holy Cross. After expressing his gratitude for the St. Nicholas Choir by exclaiming, "What an honor it has been to serve with you," our Very Reverend Father George Veselinovich led the congregation with censing and veneration.



Mark 8:34-38, 9:1 - And when he had called the people unto him with his disciples also, he said unto them, Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel's, the same shall save it.  For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?  Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels. And he said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That there be some of them that stand here, which shall not taste of death, till they have seen the kingdom of God come with power.

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Orthodoxy Sunday 5 March 2017


Today, the first Sunday of Great Lent, we celebrated Orthodoxy Sunday.  It is the celebration of the victory of the iconodulesover the iconoclasts by the decision of the Seventh Ecumenical Council in the year 843.  Today’s celebration and procession is to commemorate the restoration of icons for use in services and private devotional life of Christians.

Today also marked the first Sunday of our newly appointed Parish Priest, Very Reverend George Veselinovich.  We would also like to thank Very Reverend Dragoljub Malich for his 47+ years of dedicated, devoted, and loving service of our parish and wish him well in his retirement.

Sophie's 90th Birthday Celebration

View Sophie's 90th birthday celebration gallery and find your picture with St. Nicholas' most veteran Church School teacher!

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His Grace Bishop Irinej Visits with a Message

His Grace Bishop Irinej visited our parish, along with Rev. Fr. Deacon Jovan Anicic (Eastern Diocese education director), to serve Holy Hierarchical Divine Liturgy. After communion His Grace presented our V. Rev. Father George Veselinovic with The Holy Gospel as his induction to our parish - to receive the Word of God and preach the Word of Truth accordingly to his new flock. Additionally, Father George was presented to our parish people by His Grace as our new father in Christ and we, the parishioners, to him as his new spiritual children. Mnogaja Ljeta! 

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Saint Sava Day Celebration
Divine Liturgy

Sveti Sava - 01/28/18

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Saint Sava Assembly Program

Sveti Sava - 01/28/18

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Badnje Vece

As the snow was falling, we were busy both inside and outside our beautiful church preparing to celebrate the eve of the Nativity of our Lord.  Our celebration on this day began early with much preparation in advance and with the intention in mind to worship as a community with all of us together on the Eve of the Nativity.  
Throughout the week our Kolo was busy preparing our food for our evening feast following church services and decorating our hall.   Additionally, we prepared our grounds and our courtyard in front of the church to burn our badnjak for our evening outdoor celebration.
We began at 6 pm with a vespers service led by our own V. Rev. Fr. George Veselinovic with responses sung by our eloquent St. Nicholas choir directed by Ms. Janice Smargie.  The large crowd that evening was honored to have with us our 2 local affiliates, Pittsburgh's own WPXI Channel 11 News along with reporters from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  Scenes from both inside and outside our church were recognized on the11 pm news that evening along with photos and an article in the Sundaymorning paper.  A procession outside at the end of vespers was held as Fr. George blessed the badnjak and the tree was placed on the fire during our Christmas Eve celebration.  Immediately following our outdoor blessing the entire community went back into the church to conclude the service and the blessing of small badnjak's was held along with all those in attendance were blessed with Holy Oil.
At the conclusion of services, we proceeded to our church hall where a delicious menu was prepared by the Kolo.  For several hours we all enjoyed each other's company on Badnje Vece looking forward to tomorrow to celebrate the Nativity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
We would like to thank Denny Z., Sam B., Andy K.and Ray T.,who prepared our Bandjak for the evening.  Special appreciation for all of their hard work in preparing a delicious meal was our Kolo at St. Nicholas and to our Men's club for their assistance providing refreshments.

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